This is the paragraph for the hyperlinks from my Evernote:

I'm so tired. Not just existentially but just... sleepy. I feel like searching for any confirmation is also what's putting me behind. I don't want to mess up. I also feel like I'm just scaring myself. I've done the work and got the grades. Maybe it's just because I'm so close to finishing school. This is my second to last semester. I need to look for internships and summer classes. I can probably take two online and then the internship. If I do that I'll be okay. Or even, just taking the two classes once a week on campus is fine, too. Let's go back. Go to bed early, you can't be staying up so late anymore. I need coffee. Write down what you need to do for the week and any further assignments and then get your sleep schedule on track and that'll put everything else in place.